Saturday, October 9, 2010

Up River Golant

"Up River Golant", 8" x 10", Oil on Museum Board
Golant is a small village up the Fowey River, maybe two miles from where we were staying. I think it was my favorite village of all the amazing small villages we went to. At a very high tide, the main street is covered with water. Along the river at the far end of the main street, which was not very long, there is a cement/stone bulkhead with many small ladders that go down to the beach and all along are tied in continuous loop ropes all the small boats anchored there. So when the tide comes in or out, the boats float with the tide. One gentleman who was passing back and forth on the bulkhead told me that he had just come back from Portugal and he pointed to his orange sail boat out in the harbor. As we were leaving I commented on the incoming weather to another gentleman, who exhuberantly exclaimed with a toothless and cheery grin that "it is a grand day to be alive!"


  1. Really like how the boats are simplified. And, it does look like nice weather.