Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halfway Hillside - SOLD

"Halfway Hillside", 8" x 10", Oil on Museum Board
The first time I returned from Eastern Idaho, my daughter and I drove north from Boise to Hells Canyon, one of the amazing places on earth. We got there late in the day and decided to spend the night in the area. When we drove into the little town of Halfway as the sun was setting, I thought I'd arrived in paradise. With the Eagle Cap Wilderness to the north and the dry hills of Eastern Oregon to the south, this ranching and farming community was not just another wide spot in the road--it had an inexplicable impact on me--one of those magnetic places--like something out of Brigadoon. This little painting doesn't do it justice--maybe some time I will be able to go back and spend more time.


  1. This painting has a kind of dream like quality...very serene.

  2. in addition to viewing your fabulous paintings, I love following your blog travelogue-you take excellent journeys both artistically and physically.

  3. Linda and Chris--thank you for your comments. Halfway had a dreamlike quality for me. I love talking about the places I've been almost as much as painting them!