Saturday, October 30, 2010

On the Way to Idaho

"On the Way to Idaho", 10" x 12", Oil on Museum Board
This is another image from my journey to Idaho, from the highway that heads south from Butte, Montana. It goes through a beautiful valley with rugged hills, in this case dusted with snow.  The second time I drove to Idaho this way I wrecked my mini-van in Missoula and had to get a rental, transfer all of my art gear and just continue on. This valley was so beautiful that it helped to heal my spirit from the accident.

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  1. So simple, yet so strong. It says it all.
    I'm headed for Idaho this week. Yet, I am, then driving out of Idaho to Sedona.

  2. Wonderful painting. I so enjoy the simplicity that has a lot of depth.

  3. Kathryn,
    I just love your paintings. I envy the simplicity and confident brushstrokes.
    I just added your link to my blog. I thought I had alreay done it. Welcome to Fresh Paint.

  4. Katie--where are you going in Idaho? The drive to Sedona will be amazing--we spent 3 weeks in SW Utah last fall but I don't know if you will be going that way. Capitol Reef was my favorite place.

    Elaine and Karen--thank you! One thing I do--if the brushstrokes get too nit-picky, I just scrape off the passage (sometimes the entire painting) and do them over. That often will leave an interesting base on which to lay on colors. Its one thing Ovanes recommended, so I'm experimenting with scraping even more than before.