Monday, October 18, 2010

Charlestown Jetty - NFS

"Charlestown Jetty", 9" x 9", Oil on Museum Board
This is the last of my Cornwall paintings--out on the Jetty in Charlestown on the southeast coast of Cornwall. The next two days we went to the Bodmin Moor to see the standing stones and to Tintagel Castle on the northern coast--the mythic birthplace of King Arthur. Cornwall is a wonderful place. The house we stayed in, the Great Treverran, is said to have been the house featured in Daphne Du Maurier's "House on the Strand." a book I read years ago and remember well.


  1. Nice to be back the abstract nature of this painting and the warm palette. The simplification of your forms and brushwork are very appealing.

  2. Sensational, I love the boldness of the jetty in the foreground and how you suggest the rest. One of my favorites of your Cornwall series.

  3. Hi Linda and Bobbi--thank you! This was one of my favorite paintings, too, partly because I was just going for it in spite of a lot of people hanging around the jetty watching--something that often just totally unnerves me when painting. So I have a good feeling about it.