Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Swan Valley Study #1 - NFS

"Swan Valley Study #1", 8" x 10", Oil on Panel
Two days after I got home from Cornwall I packed up my car and drove 900 miles to Eastern Idaho for a workshop with Ovanes Berberian.  Or rather, my husband drove, as he came with me and then flew to San Antonio for a work conference while I was at the workshop.  I wanted to go to the workshop because earlier in the summer I'd heard that Ovanes was not giving any more workshops. I think he's now rescinded that but at the time I thought maybe it would be my last chance! If any of you have taken classes from Ovanes, you know that he doesn't hold back, so all the paintings I will show you from the workshop were critiqued without mercy. I did learn stuff, but it will take me some practice to have a clearer idea of just what exactly I did learn!


  1. I know someone that assisted Ovanes at a workshop and she said it was quite a ride. Love his paintings. Glad you got to go. Your Swan Valley Study is truly lovely.

  2. Hi Ruth--thanks for your comment. This was the fourth workshop I'd taken from Ovanes. Every time I get a little more of what he is trying to teach.