Friday, October 29, 2010

Open Space Montana

"Open Space Montana", 8" x 12", Oil on Museum Board
I usually drive to Eastern Idaho by coming across I-90 to Missoula and then south to Idaho. I love the open spaces of Montana along this route. Missoula has a special meaning to those of us interested in the geology of Washington State. During the ice age, the ice from the north dammed what is known as Lake Missoula, but over time, and apparently this happened many times, the dam broke and the water from the lake flooded over the Columbia Plateau in Eastern Washington, through the Wallula Gap and out the Columbia River, filling up the Willamette Valley in the process. The scab lands of Eastern Washington were formed by these events. Dry Falls, where I painted in the spring, is a remnant of this process. If you ever fly across central/northern Washington approximately over the Grand Coulee Dam, try to get a window seat.  You can see the wave patterns on the land.

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  1. Beautful color here...I really enjoy the direction that your painting is taking. There is so much freshness, movement, and lavish color...Wonderful!!!