Monday, October 25, 2010

Swan Valley Study #4

"Swan Valley Study #4", 8" x 10", Oil on Panel
I'm now experimenting with what I learned at the workshop in Idaho back here in my studio. Part of it is paint application, part color.  I like being in an experimental mode--it takes almost all the angst out of the process.

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  1. Wow, this is just wonderful. Can you say more next time about how the paint application is different (I can see it is thicker)?

  2. Wow, your paintings are looking just amazing! Have you learned a lot this year? I sure's been a good year for me. I love this painting, and the one "changing light" about had me digging out my money - BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Beautiful brilliant color...what a great palette!

  4. What fabulous color shifts and great brush work! Nice job!

  5. Thank you everyone for your comments. Its sometimes hard when I do one I like a lot--makes the next ones more difficult! But you just have to keep plugging away and keep in an experimental frame of mind!