Saturday, January 22, 2011

Zangle Cove Winter Morning - NFS

"Zangle Cove Winter Morning", 9 x 12 In, Oil on Museum Board
This is from a couple of days ago when the clouds lifted and the Cove was bathed in sunlight--another experiment with the palette knife. Using the palette knife has taught me a couple of things: 1) I need to mix piles of color that are big enough to cover areas with the knife and to really mix distinct colors; 2) with the knife it is easier to paint adjacent areas with colors that are slightly modulated, keeping those areas color distinct.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on this series. I'm not quite done showing the palette knife paintings, though a couple of them were complete struggles as I tried to apply some of the palette knife effects to use of the brush. I'm just not sure how that's going to work out--I think I would have to get completely comfortable with the palette knife first. I'll be very interested to hear how others who paint with the palette knife or are trying the PKR palette knife exercise are responding to using the palette knife!


  1. This one really feels like a painting first and foremost, rather than a "palette knife painting." Very beautiful.

  2. I love these knife paintings.
    Thanks Kathryn, for sharing your experiences!

  3. Kathryn,
    I agree with K. Law on that this one you notice the beauty of the painting first= then you see, oh, wow, palette knife! Just lovely.

  4. Very nice Kathryn. I have been playing around with the knife for the last few months also. I am really starting to enjoy it. I love the thick paint and one of my favorite things to do is a painting that utilizes both brush and knife.