Monday, January 10, 2011

Windy Day

"Windy Day", 10 x 8 In, Oil on Museum Board
It got too late to take a photo of the still life I worked on today as the sun, if its even out at all from behind the clouds, is low in the sky and daylight starts to go around 4 pm. So this is a painting I did of the Cove a few days ago on a bright and windy day. You can see why Washington is called the "Evergreen State" as even in the dead of winter, on the west side of the mountains we are inundated by the green. Around my house are huge cedars and firs and though there were a few snowflakes this morning, they rarely last. When the cold wind comes from the north it is usually clear and sunny.  When it comes from the southwest, it is warm and rainy.

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  1. So nice Kathryn! It is snowy here today but I really can't wait for some warmer weather to paint outside. I love the composition of this one.

  2. I just found your blog, and I'm enjoying it so much. Great work, very inspiring!

  3. Thanks for all your comments! This is the view from my studio window, so in the winter its just there for me in my warm studio, and in the summer I can go out on the deck or yard or walk down to the beach. It is a lovely spot that never fails to be continually changing and inspiring.