Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Four Pots

"Four Pots", 12 x 12 In, Oil on Panel
In this painting I am not using a limited palette, but still trying to apply the logic of Peggi's exercises having to do with warms and cools related to lights and darks. In the past I've mostly operated on the principle of "painting what I see", but to become more sophisticated in design, I think its necessary to understand and apply aesthetic logic. The interesting thing, of course, is that colors are relatively cooler or warmer in relationship to each other, so it is an exercise that both expands the mind and the process of seeing.

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  1. A+ I think you got Peggi's lesson down pat with this one! Great job and beautiful colors. I love the harmony yet the interest because of all the lights and darks. Cannot wait to get my PKR...hope to paint a smidge this good when I do my homework!! Love it:)

  2. Fabulous color harmony. Boy, I really have to work on that kind of control. It makes for a strong painting.

  3. I really like the paint application and the solid three dimensional forms you have acheived.

  4. Thanks for all your comments! I am definitely still learning about color control, and the Peggi Kroll Roberts exercises are really helping me. I use to follow the the precept "paint what you see", but I think that sometimes actually limits what I see. Working with specific color schemes is harder for the mind but definitely makes me see differently.