Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yellow Pot with Spoon

5/30/10 "Yellow Pot with Spoon", 10" x 10", Oil
This painting was basically a big experiment in pushing paint around--just pushing it with a big bristle brush, over edges, up to edges, sometimes up and down, sometimes quick strokes, sometimes just letting the brush stay on the panel smushing the paint.  No expectations.  I'm also a liberal scraper of paint.  If there is an area I don't like or I get too much paint on, I just scrape it and do it again.  If the ground is absorbent, this allows interesting threads of color to develop.


  1. These little still life studies are great Kathryn. I love your brush strokes going in twelve different directions. It's as if you were turning the panel every once in awhile.

  2. Yahoo for pushing paint around, scraping it off and finding surprise bits of color!