Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dana Passage Cloud Studies

5/8/10 "Dana Passage Clouds 5", 8" x 10", Oil
5/8/10 "Dana Passage Clouds 4", 9" x 9", Oil
This is the view off my back deck.  I can see a lot more water than this, but my subjects today were the clouds, again.  Everything here is so blue--the sky, the water, the distant islands, the atmosphere--so it is a big challenge to paint, at least during mid-day.  I'm trying to fix the different characters of clouds in my mind.  Today the clouds started small near the horizon, but oddly, they came toward me, which is unusual--they usually go west to east. This is a view looking north and finally the breeze from the north is starting to become warmer, rather than icy cold.  I'm posting two of the cloud paintings today so you can see my observations.

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