Friday, May 14, 2010

Blue Flowers - SOLD

5/14/10 "Blue Flowers", 11" x 9", Oil
This is another painting that is more abstract than detailed, done outside on my patio. I was trying to capture the values and create harmonious color. I am still struggling with the brightness of the light and the consequent distortion of color and value even under my umbrella. Everything that I put on the panel looks warmer and more saturated in the intense light--until I take it inside--so I have to compensate for that until I get use to the light. I've been in my studio all winter under two 4 x 4 foot opaque skylights that give a more or less even light that is similar to an overcast day. One time I saw a guy at a workshop painting while wearing sun glasses, and I thought--that would be a totally interesting exercise!

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