Monday, May 17, 2010

Clouds over Escalante - SOLD

5/17/10 "Clouds over Escalante", 10" x 12", Oil
This is another painting in my cloud series.  Even though the Escalante is pretty colorful, this painting is mainly about trying to create color harmony with subtle warm and cool grays.

On a whim I entered the Daily Painter's Contest and I managed to get into the top 20!  Now it is up to the voting public to narrow the field and finally choose a winner.  I am competing against some good painters, but I think it would be fun to win and I hope you click on the link and vote for me!  Remember that it is not the star rating that counts, but the number of votes compared to the other contestants.

The best part of entering the contest has been meeting new people, both art lovers and other like-minded artists.  Thank you to everybody who has signed up for my blog or has become a "Follower."  I hope we all have a chance to exchange our thoughts about painting!  Contests are fun and networking is good, but the driver is the desire to go into the studio or out into the wild and stand with a brush in hand before nature or a vision and see it to completion with all the dogged persistence of a crazy painter.


  1. Hi Kathryn,

    Just wanted to say I discovered you only yesterday and I LOVE the way you paint! I found you on the DP contest site and sent a vote your way, good luck with that. I am currently immersed in a project to paint 100 plein air paintings in 100 days, and today I went out on a mission to try and paint in your style - lots of paint and interesting, varied brushwork. It ain't easy sister, kudos to you! Really looking forward to seeing more of your work and reading your writing which is also top notch!

  2. Hi Liz--I signed up for your blog and I can't wait to see your plein air series unfold. Your blog is a perfect example of what is most interesting to me--a documentary of process and the mind and heart of the artist. I love your mountain plein air pieces! Can I list you under my Daily Painting Buddies?

  3. You sure can Kathyrn, and I have just linked to you on my blog. There is a lot of great learning to be done by viewing your work!

  4. I just discovered you too from the Daily Painters contest and gave you 5 stars. I also linked you to my blog list so I can find you often. I love your bold strokes and your colors are just brilliant and amazing. I hope to learn from just viewing you wonderful works. Best wishes!

  5. Your skies are really grand Kathryn good luck with the DP!!