Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elk Heights Clouds

5/19/10 "Elk Heights Clouds", 8" x 10", Oil
This is another fast painting--a "try not to be perfect painting." An instructor I had one time recommended doing 24 paintings a day. The most I have done out doors is seven paintings 5x7 to 8x10 in about two hours--my roof top paintings in San Miguel. There is something amazingly freeing about painting at this speed--all expectations are discarded.  I am remembering a class I took with Kim English years ago where the models would change the pose every one or two minutes.  That was harrowing!


  1. Love this painting Kathryn. Hey I took the same course with Kim English, it changed my painting life. I spent about a year hiring models and doing the same thing in my own studio afterward, and now I teach it occasionally. Definitely so good for turning off the left brain and painting spontaneously.

  2. After five days in that Kim English class I was ready to burst into tears! But I think now it would just be really fun. Maybe when my daughters come home for the summer....