Thursday, May 13, 2010


5/13/10 "Candytuff", 12" x 10", Oil
This is the first day of clear blue skies and dazzling sun and it is a hard adjustment for the eyes!  I use to know the names of all the flowers in my garden, but it took me a while to remember this one: "iberis" or CandyTuff. It doesn't really matter what the name is, because the painting isn't about the detail, but about color and value.


  1. And the color is amazing! Wish I could paint side by side with you Kathryn. I see that you're up for the DP site. I'd say good luck, but I don't really think you need it. Not sure anyone told you yet, but your work is miles ahead of most. There are many that are good, but without hesitation, I'd say you're easily in this first round!

  2. Sally--thanks. I will be happy if I make it to the first round. After that, its up to the voting gods. The best consequence of doing this blog has been meeting like minded people to share the journey with. Can I put your daily blog link under my "Daily Painting Buddies" list?

  3. Just found your blog from the Plein air site. Love the colors in this!