Friday, July 23, 2010

Mt. Stewart

7/23/10 "Mt. Stewart", 6" x 8", Oil
Today was spent entirely in a process of experimentation--of trying to figure out how to re-do a painting and actually make it different. Several tries were scraped off. Above is one of the results.


  1. Wow, Kathryn! These last landscapes you've done since Peggi's workshop have really changed and for the better I think. It is still your style but better somehow, I can't put my finger on it. Your posts of her workshop inspired me to get her videos and I've begun watching them. After two I'm ready to paint something, but it is SO different from the way I paint, that I am experiencing a bit of that same feeling that I don't know how to paint! hehe Your work is wonderful and inspiring thanks for sharing all that you do!

  2. Liz--thanks--it was the composition that I needed to change. Such a simple subject, so hard to make interesting.

    Marilyn--my painting did change. I went to two workshops sort of back-to-back--one with Peggi and the other with Elio Camacho. They represent two very different ways of applying paint--opened up two really different possible directions or combination of directions. Peggi is so strong in color/value design and her approach for practice removes the angst of performance--she has boxes of small (4x6, 5x7, 6x8) paintings that I think are part of her every day practice. She said she painted for a year with a line down the middle of her palette separating darks from lights--everything in sun came from the light side of the palette, everything in shadow came from the dark side. Things like that--practical solutions to learning. Elio taught me a new way to hold my brush, incredibly awkward at first, but then so natural it seemed like I'd always done it that way, and a couple of other things less easy to define. Sometimes I think the only way to let new things come in is to struggle to the point of exhaustion. Good luck with the exercises!