Monday, July 5, 2010

Head Studies - NFS

7/5/10 "Head Studies", Oil
One day of Peggi's workshop we went into the studio to work on portrait and figure in studio lighting.  By 5 pm it was 97 degree outside, so it was a good thing!  These two head studies were basically 3 values in black and white and color and I think were 20 minute sketches--so don't look too carefully at the anatomy!  I have an urgent desire to fix the shoulders in the B&W (hard to figure how I could have made that big of a mistake), but its more about the values than anything and when the timer went off, we went on to the next study.


  1. Funny...I didn't notice it until I read what you wrote. I appreciate the value structure that you used to sculpt her face. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are stunning! Thanks so much for sharing your experience at this workshop! I'll be checking out her videos.