Saturday, July 3, 2010

Making Marks #1 - NFS

7/2/10 "Making Marks #1", 8" x 8", Oil
The concept for this sketch in Peggi's workshop, besides the limited values in sunlight, was the idea of "making marks."  In other words, don't draw, just paint.  It was just putting strokes of paint on the canvas as if you were putting together a puzzle--without any prior line drawing.  As Peggi and many others have said, the mileage of the canvas is what brings success.  I have two thoughts about this--1) I've read or heard that to master a subject requires 10,000 hours of working on it and 2) in Art and Fear they talk about how quantity rather than quality brings success.  I also think that Peggi's concepts of working on one thing at a time makes it easier to progress faster.  This little sketch also illustrates another thing I was just beginning to get into that Peggi talked about--making form changes using color rather than value in order to maintain the integrity of the value.

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