Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lake Kachess

7/15/10 "Lake Kachess", 9" x 7", Oil
I'm up painting at the Cle Elum "Fresh Air Paint-out".  This is one of my all-time favorite places since childhood--alpine lakes, mountain air, sage brush country, small western towns including Roslyn, where Northern Exposure was filmed.  Last week at the workshop, I felt I literally forgot how to paint.  I felt paralyzed and incompetent.  This painting was sort of the last of that struggle, but since I'm entering the ones that came after that--the ones where a couple of things began to sink into my brain--into the competition, I'm waiting to post those.

Raymond Logan has been kind enough to include a wonderful review of my blog on his Daily Painter Review. I feel honored that he selected my blog for review and I hope you will all go and sign up at Daily Painter Review.  It is always so interesting to get a perspective on your work from the outside.  And by the way, Raymond is not only a good writer, but he is also a fantastic painter, so check out his website

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