Friday, July 2, 2010

Massing Shadows #2 - NFS

7/3/10 "Massing Shadows #2", Oil
This was another quick sketch done in Peggi's workshop using an arbitrary dark color to mass the shadows.  I really like the graphic nature of this type of exercise.  It shows how you can create a 2-dimensional design that will read from far away, which is a goal that Peggi and other teachers urge students to think about.  It was one thing that Jove Wang emphasized when I took classes from him--the concept of dark, light and gray as the large schema pattern for the painting.  As Peggi pointed out, you can either use the shadow/light patterns for this 2-D schema or in the absence of strong shadow/light patterns, use the local color values to create the pattern.  This sketch is pretty much a 2 value scheme.

PS--Right now I'm in Powell River, BC, visiting my daughter at an orchestral music festival--two ferries and driving up the coast of BC took all day yesterday.  Here, the internet is intermittent.


  1. I like looking at all your exercises. They are really good. Thanks for sharing what you learned.

    Enjoy the music festival!

  2. I love the massed in darks and lights in this!

  3. The music festival was fantastic--young people from all over the world--really good musicians, and in two days a full orchestra concert, an amazing percussion concert and a faculty concert. And the coast of British Columbia is a paradise--so quiet and so beautiful.