Monday, July 12, 2010

Benson Park

7/12/10 "Benson Park", 9" x 9", Oil
I'm still on the road, so I don't have the best conditions for photographing paintings.  This is from the Elio Camacho workshop last week.  It was so hot, I set up my easel on a little gravel bar in the middle of the stream.  I learned a lot at the workshop, but its the kind of thing that takes experimentation and practice to really know what I learned.  There is often a delayed reaction in the learning process and sometimes a big step backwards because to make a leap, its sometimes necessary to re-shuffle the deck of the known and the habitual.


  1. Love the cool palette of the last one and this one. Thank you for sharing your progression!

    BTW, I always believe a step backwards was so you could take a running start. :)

  2. Just lovely! I think you had Celeste Bergin and some of my fellow Portland Plein Air Painters in this workshop. Looks like Elio had a good influence on your already fantastic work!

  3. Thank you Tracy and Quin--I did meet Celeste and some other really wonderful people. One of the things I learned was a different way of holding my brush and it was initially so foreign, that eveything I thought I knew about painting just seemed to fly out the window.

  4. Nice paintg. I really like the color and brushwork in this one. Steps backward are nice because you can really see where you have been and what steps you want to take forward.