Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Man in Dark Coat

"Man in Dark Coat", Oil on Museum Board, 12 x 10

I watched a figure demo recently from a well-known artist who uses, at least in this instance, a very small brush, working on small discrete areas of the figure for long periods of time. I can always learn something from other artists and certain things he said rang true. However, I have to ask myself why I've studied with artists such as William Reese, Jove Wang and Ovanes Berberian. They are not "paint the whole canvas with a tiny brush" kind of guys. But being visually oriented, it is not so easy sometimes to put the visuals in perspective and the influence on the hand from the visual memories in the mind can be a big one.

So in this painting, my goal was to do the opposite in order to reorient myself--to use bigger brushes and do the painting in one hour--not leaving time to go back "fix it up."

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  1. Love the light pattern.
    The glow in the ear and the value/ color of the shadow on the neck is so perfect. One hour? Wow!
    You have studied with the big brush guys and it shows beautifully here.

  2. Thank you Julie! I've got to do more one hour paintings--heading off to do one now!