Sunday, December 7, 2014

Aix Vineyard - NFS

"Aix Vineyard", 6 x 9 In, Oil on Museum Board
I'm still working on cataloging my paintings and probably will be for months. This is another one from years ago from a painting trip to France.


  1. This is such a peaceful painting. I expected to hear a couple of birds chirping away.
    Your warm undertone is lovely especially around the tree branches.
    Do you have a system for cataloging your work?

  2. Julie--thank you! I do have a system, but am always rethinking it. Here is is: I keep a list of my works by date_title_size. I used to post my paintings to my blog basically when I painted them, but not anymore, so I've added another date to the name: Postdate_ExecutionDate_Title_Size. So, for example, this one would be: 2141208_2020905_AixVineyard_6x9.jpg. If I have not posted it to my blog I substitute 0000000 for the first number. Then realizing that I'm also posting to Facebook and have to keep track of that, I keep a separate list for Facebook with the same two date title, adding another date to the beginning to indicate posting date for Facebook. 2141208_2141208_2020905_AixVineyard_6x9.jpg (posting to the blog the same date as Facebook). A bit cumbersome. If you have any suggestions--please let me know! I'm also going through the blog and putting labels on the paintings, esp "sold", "Available", "NFS", as well as Title, Size, Medium, Plein Air, Location, etc.

  3. Julie--if you have a cataloging system, I'd love to hear about it!

  4. Mine is very similar to your except I do not record Facebook. I only post once a week on that - if I remember.
    In my records I have a page for each painting (I print off my blog page.) I record where I was - studio or location. my critique on it - who it sold to and price of frame and type of canvas.
    It is an intimate way to keep records
    But when I sm gone it should give my kids something to understand more easily than just numbers and letters.

  5. Julie--is that a physical catalog--not just on the computer? That's probably a good idea. Recording place is not something I've done and I need to do.