Monday, February 21, 2011

Zangle Cove Sketches 1 - NFS

"Zangle Cove Sketches 1", 6 x 8 In each, Oil on Panel NFS
When my friends were here last week, the weather moving across the Cove was dramatic and ever changing. We had done the 10-minute still life exercise in the morning and in the afternoon decided we would do quick sketches of Zangle Cove. Our goal was 15 minutes each and we pretty much kept to that! These were my first two.


  1. I love seeing your paintings of Zangle Cove and the weather you see from your studio. Living over here at Harstine I'm only a block from the water, so I don't have the view and its just too cold for me ... brrrrr to get out and paint. Looking forward to more cove paintings.

  2. Great idea to do a landscape that quickly. Beautiful color and light. you did not need any more time.Gorgeous.

  3. Nancy and Carol--thank you for your comments! I often find there is an initial fast lay-in with on-site landscape painting when the mind is only registering value, color, design, shape and form. If I can stay with that during a longer painting and know when to stop, it is one of those that "paints itself." But more often than not, I start "thinking" and then it often loses it original freshness. So the exercise of fast paintings is a good one for me.