Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chinese Woman - NFS

"Chinese Woman" 6 x 6 In, Oil on Panel
When I compared this photo I took of this painting a couple of days ago to the painting in my drying rack, I realized I must have gone in after the fact to "fix" the painting and the "fix" took all the life out of it. Any portrait study of a face mostly in shadow can be difficult for me, so I'm keeping this photo as a reminder of where I should have stopped with the painting as a study. Sometimes its best for the sake of learning to forge ahead, but other times...


  1. I like this one. I really like how you pick something and work through it. I think I will start doing that. At least I can stick with the same type of painting for a few. Wonderful learnings and appreciate that.

  2. Kathy--I do like to work through a series for about a week, whatever it is--subject matter, size, or simply something I'm working on in particular. Sometimes the first few paintings of the series are the best ones--maybe because I'm in a completely experimental mode. There are strange ups and downs with a series--sometimes I lose direction, sometimes its just easier to not have to decide "what am I going to do today."