Friday, February 11, 2011

Boy with a Cow

"Boy with a Cow", 12 x 8 In, Oil on Panel
Continuing with the theme of figure proportion, a child's proportions are different from an adult and obviously more so the younger he or she is. I'm finding that doing these figure paintings is a really nice relief from still lifes.

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  1. Kathyrn,
    This one is my favorite of the figuratives so far! So many wonderful things to look at in gorgeous colors and values. This just feels like it has a story and such universal appeal. Well done!

  2. Kathyrn-
    I have to second what the other commentator, Kathy, said. This is my favorite so far too. I like too that the close cropping gives a different sort of perspective.

  3. Really good! You are so good at creating a soft look with your edges and colors. I do like your figures - cows and humans! :-)

  4. Thank you all for your comments. The cow was definitely the biggest challenge. Makes me want to get one of those basic animal anatomy books--may try to find one at our local used bookstore today! Anyway--I really appreciate the feedback!