Monday, February 28, 2011

White Flowers with Apples

"White Flowers with Apples", 12 x 12 In, Oil on Museum Board
The daily painting blog is strange. It is so motivating related to getting into the studio with brush in hand every possible day. But it also feels risky sometimes, because the daily painter, at least to a certain extent, lays it all out there. That's why I put the quote from George Bernard Shaw at the top of my blog and why I keep remembering it because being on the risky side of things is in the end, a better learning place than the safe side of things. Sometimes I want to finish the painting less and not worry about it. Sometimes I want to use big sloppy brushstrokes and not think about it. This painting was mainly a result of "6 x 6" size fatigue. Its "12 x 12", four times bigger, but in the scheme of things, still pretty small.


  1. This is one of your all time best! I LOVE what you said about trying and stretching- I appreciate your quote at the top of your blog and think of it when I cringe at an attempted tough painting. I have no interest in painting something simple and easy- I would rather paint something difficult and TRY to get it! Difference being, you got this one just right. Gorgeous color palette- love that pot color- sets off the reds, wonderfully painted flowers! I am stopping now- your head will be too big:)

  2. Oh my goodness, I think this post is directed to me.....
    Lovely painting. The vase, the flowers, the pot... the background. I have so much to learn .

  3. Beautiful paintng!

    When I was young I used to think beautiful paintings just flowed out of artists' brushes. (Sometimes they do!)Your paintings and those of other artists keep the bar high and sharing the ups and downs is inspiring, too.

    Now that I'm painting regularly, I KNOW how much work it takes to improve. It's humbling! but very rewarding, too. :)

    Thanks for sharing your work!

  4. This one is a big time favorite.
    So beautiful.