Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wine Bottle and Apples

"Wine Bottle and Apples, 12 x 8 In, Oil on Panel
This painting, like some of the others is based on a paint application that uses a brush loaded with a lot of paint. I try not to go over already applied paint too much, because that creates the risk of changing the saturation, especially the darks which should sometimes be left as the initial transparent application. I have also observed that I load the brush more at the beginning of the painting, when my energy is fresh, and that as go along I get lazy, and if I look at my palette there's a lot of paint there, but not in the middle of the palette where I'm doing the mixing. So its important to remember how I started.

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  1. You rock, this is fabulous! Can I come paint with you?

  2. Interesting composition and color. Nice to hear your thoughts as well. It is easy to get lost in a painting and forget your intentions. It does not appear that it happens to you.

  3. Just catching up w. all of your work. Really like what's been going on. Great values in the Gray Kettle!

  4. Kat--thanks for your comment! Do you belong to Plein Air Washington? There is an event in the San Juans at the end of July that you might want to check out. I'm pretty sure I'll be going.

    Carol and Pam--thanks as always for your comments--I really appreciate this supportive community!