Thursday, January 8, 2015

Three Faces of Eve - NFS

"Three Faces of Eve", 8 x 11 In, Paper
There is a story behind this one. Last fall I went to a "horse experience" in Arizona with a famous horse whisperer woman. On the last day I was hoping to spend time with the horses--not an unreasonable expectation. However, the program that afternoon was to sit in her living room and meditate with a blind fold on, listening to some really horrible non-music that was so loud I could not think straight. In desperation I pulled off my blindfold, pulled out some regular paper and did this drawing--came right out of my brain-- "Three Faces of Eve"--and then I did "Three Faces of Adam." No idea where these ideas came from. And the most interesting part was that when I was focused on drawing, I didn't hear the "music."


  1. Great story!
    I love the "true" sketch.
    Still has the feeling of flow.
    I apparently block out everything at certain stages of painting. My hubby has learned to come and touch me to get my attention because talking does not get through.

  2. Thank you Julie. We can become immersed, and what a relief that is sometimes!