Friday, January 16, 2015

Still Life with Apples

"Still Life with Apples", 20 x 20 In, Oil on Canvas

I used to be able to organize everything in my mind. Now that that is no longer possible, I have to organize everything in fact. It means keeping track of my paintings on my computer and in my studio. After so many years and so many paintings it is not easy! This is one of those paintings that I did last fall and basically just put aside. But I know I am not going to paint on it again, so I will say its finished and get it photographed and in my computer file.

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  1. I spent a long time looking at this. Greens are very hard for me to use successfully so I admire the subtle differences of warm/cool, hard/soft in this one.
    Organization...I should learn from you on that too. I try, get immersed in my painting and the the stUff hits the fan!

  2. Hi Julie--I can't remember, but when I did this painting its possible I put it aside before I was "finished" and once out of that state, its hard to go back. So I might have gotten lucky enough to stop before the "stuff hitting the fan" I've been struggling with this exact thing recently--stop before the initial spirit is gone for good, never to be recaptured and scraping is the best thing to do. Maybe we should take photos as we go along, because I don't see that in your paintings--I don't know what your "immersion" point is. Its a strange business--