Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tea at the Empress - SOLD

"Tea at the Empress", 14 x 11 In, Oil on Panel
This is another portrait that is intended to be somewhat flat, with the design being the interesting aspect to me.

More about our New Zealand trip--we did make it over the Tongariro Crossing--a trail over a volcanic peak on the North Island of NZ that turned out to be about 13 miles--and honestly I could barely walk the next day. The downhill for me was worse than the uphill because of the number of stairs on the maybe 3000-4000 foot descent (have to look it up--I might be way off). Today we did a hike along the northern coast of the South Island in the Abel Tasman National Park through a beautiful tropical forest--


  1. I love your painting, Kathryn! It looks very impressionistic--like Toulouse Lautrec.

  2. Great design, I love the color movement round the space.
    Hope you are still enjoying your trip.

  3. Thank you Virginia and Julie--I really appreciate your comments. Yes--we are enjoying our trip!