Thursday, February 2, 2012

Girl with Green Scarf - NFS

"Girl with Green Scarf", 12 x 9 In, Oil on Panel
This was an experiment with using light colors, such as yellows, but little white--a type of experiment that I want to continue.

More from NZ--yesterday we hiked to the mouth of the Franz Joseph Glacier on the W Coast of NZ--very strange to see such a huge glacier spilling down the mountain to nearly sea level as we are hiking through fern trees to get out to the glacier basin. Today we will hike up to the Fox Glacier and I can see blue sky this morning!


  1. Your vacation sounds strenuous! You must be in great condition. I'm enjoying your comments on what you see...the fern trees and then the glacier. Sounds amazing!

    And I like your painting, which is why I came in the first place. I really like the blues and purples in her hair. I didn't notice them at first glance, but I can see that the blue is a cool highlight. The purples look warm but they are the same value as her hair so they don't jump out. I just slowly noticed them. Well done!