Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Girl with Blue Necklace - NFS

"Girl with Blue Necklace", 12 x 9 In, Oil on Panel
This painting was about pale flesh tones and deep color of everything else.

Yesterday in W Australia while we were watching the rescued penguin feeding on Penguin Island south of Perth, an enormous black crow opened the zipper of our food bag only to be thwarted by a foot long lizard sitting on the bag when we came out--watched with great amusement by a couple of guys from the Netherlands sitting on the picnic table nearby--


  1. I like the painting!

    Really amused by your story...the crow opened the zipper? I've always heard that crows are smart!

  2. The touches of blue are perfect and make the painting even more beautiful.
    I am enjoying your stories. Keep them up please.