Friday, December 30, 2011

Grand Canyon Sketch 9 - SOLD

"Grand Canyon Sketch 9", 4 x 6, Oil on Museum Board
This is my last small Grand Canyon sketch for now. Doing this series in the early part of December got me through the holiday postings, a time I never find easy. I've done many more paintings since, and they've been all over the map. It has been two years since I started the "daily" blog. I do paint almost every day but a few months ago decided to post only every two days so I'd have paintings to post during trips and so I could be more experimental, which sometimes means failure! But if failure is success in trying something new, it is well worth it. I wish you all a wonderful New Year!


  1. This whole series has been fabulous. I have really enjoyed seeing them.

  2. Lush brush stokes and beautiful sunlight and shadow. Wonderful!

  3. Love the colors, the thick, beautiful brushwork,and the perspective with just enough blue sky shining through the canyon. That was a long sentence. Your work is inspiring. Happy 2012!