Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grand Canyon Sketch 1 - SOLD

"Grand Canyon Sketch 1", 5 x 7 In, Oil on Museum Board
A couple of weeks ago when I was in the painting doldrums, I decided to do timed quick sketches of one of my favorite subjects--the Grand Canyon. Twice I have been on the Sedona Art Center painter's trip down the Colorado--200 miles through the Inner Gorge. These were some of the most memorable experiences of my life. We painted at every stop, but also, sitting on the raft (sometimes hanging on), there was time to take hundreds of photos of every bend in the river. So during the holidays I am going to post these small sketches and you can relive the journey with me.


  1. Wonderful paint sketch Katherine. I really enjoyed seeing some of your trip photos on Facebook, and also enjoyed listening to Liz while admiring your paintings. She's an amazing singer/songwriter.

  2. Hi Vern--thanks for commenting. I'm always listening to Liz's songs, too--don't know which is my favorite, but I find the "Red Tail Hawk" one of the most beautiful and interesting. In college she spent three months on a field trip around the west and she told me she wrote that song in lieu of a paper she was supposed to produce.