Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Naxi Woman -- NFS

"Naxi Woman", 9" x 7", Oil on Museum Board
The ethnic minority in the Lijiang and Yuhu Village areas in Yunnan Province were the Naxi people.  Most afternoons at our guest house, a group of people would gather in the courtyard to play mahjong.  Some of them agreed to models for us--but it was always clear that their interest was with the mahjong table.  It was March and still cold, so they had cement bowls filled with hot coals around the group for heat.  We just wore a lot of clothes! This painting is from a photo of one of the women watching the game.


  1. your portrait series is so enjoyable. I particularly like this one.

  2. This is one of my favorites, I really have enjoyed the portraits. And they send me back to your Peggi Kroll-Roberts class series which was inspiring (and inspires me to take her class). Thanks for a superb blog, I look forward to your emails every morning!

  3. Hi Chris and Bobbi--
    This is the last portrait I did before my trip to Cornwall, and it is one of my favorites, too, partly because of the wonderful memories of the place and the people. Thank you both for your comments!