Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chinese Girl - SOLD

"Chinese Girl", 8" x 6", Oil
Limiting the time for a painting focuses the mind on the essentials.  But my question is: limiting the time and doing a lot of paintings in a set period of time definitely puts me in the "zone," but since the "right brain" does not "think" in the same way as the "left", how does learning take place in the "right brain" when the "left" cannot remember what I did?  How does this fit into the idea presented in "Art and Fear" that a focus on quantity produces more growth than a focus on quality?  Anybody have any thoughts on this?


  1. Just beautiful, Kathryn! The power in your strokes, vivid color, and wonderful value structure make this an exceptional piece. Personally, I think that on a subliminal level we are continually learning whether we realize we are learning or not. Perhaps part of it is repeating the acts over and over again and gaining proficiancy as we advance. I like to think that there is, however, a concious effort in making assessments,split seconds assessment, as we progress through the act or painting, drawing, or whatever we are doing. There is I think a fusion of the two.

  2. Linda--I think you are right. I just wish I could remember what I was thinking when I did a painting. Maybe I should start taking after the fact notes! Its sort of like looking at a painting that someone else did and trying to learn from it by viewing the final result and wishing I knew what their process was. Seems kind of strange that I can't really define my own process, but I think that's the "right" brain at work.

  3. I've come back to this painting Kathryn - I think it is my favourite of this series of portraits. I like your deft brushstrokes and modelling of the features.
    I agree with Linda about subliminal learning and gaining 'unconscious competence' through repetition. Have you thought of videoing yourself making a painting as a way to record your process so that you could review it? Or would that be too conscious/left brained...? I sometimes 'paint' on an iPad in the 'Brushes'app which has a playback feature of all the strokes made in the process. It's fascinating to see things I did along the way that I'd forgotten. YouTube has some clips by other artists showing this in action.
    Have fun in Cornwall! I live further east along the coast, in Brighton.

  4. Duh! I've just found your 'Girl with Yellow Scarf' demo...how observant am I...?