Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jetty at Fowey

"Jetty at Fowey", 8" x 10", Oil on Museum Board
The seaside town of Fowey (pronounced something like Foy) was about four miles from the house we stayed at in Cornwall--four miles of narrow two lanes, often only one lane, lined on both sides by tall hedgerows and traveled on frequently by rather fast drivers. The sky was what was most amazing in this view of the river harbor. I'm going to try to post these Cornwall paintings more or less in order of execution. They are all vignettes.  I paint fast to try to capture the essence of how I feel about a place.

I got back yesterday from Cornwall, a four hour train ride from Cornwall to London and a nine hour flight from London to Seattle. Thank you to everybody who commented on my portrait series--I really appreciate your support! I hope to do more portraits this fall and winter.


  1. I was in Fowey last summer. I visited English friends, and we went for a painting holiday to Cornwall and stayed in Polruan. We looked out across the River Fowey all the time. Loved the area! Aren't those roads amazing??!! Great painting!

  2. Hi Elaine,
    Thanks! Yes--the roads are amazing! We took the car ferry at the entrance to Fowey across the river and hiked the trail about 2 km back into the estuary and then out again to the river at Polruan, taking the foot ferry back to Fowey--a wonderful energetic hike!