Saturday, August 28, 2010

Self Portrait #2 - NFS

8/27/10 "Self Portrait #2", 11" x 14", Oil
Another self-portrait.  With this one I utilized a technique that Peggi Kroll Roberts said she did for a year:  draw a line down the middle of the palette with darks on one side and lights on the other.  Take everything for lights from one side of the palette and everything for the darks from the dark side of the palette.


  1. Hi Kathryn, take a look at my blog I'm working on a painting in which that advice you gave to me is in full swing. I can't thank you enough. Nice job on both these portraits!

  2. I think this method worked very well.

  3. Susan I think you are right--its such a simple method to employ and it really helps in maintaining the value structure of the painting.