Monday, August 9, 2010

Kathryn in Denali

8/07/10 Kathryn in Denali, Photo
I'm still in Alaska and don't have my camera to take photos of paintings, so I'm posting
this photo taken by my friend Mary Bee Kaufman where we painted at Sable Pass in Denali National Park.  On this day we saw (from the bus) two mama grizzlies each with two cubs, one set sauntering down the road and voraciously eating red berries by the stream.  We also saw several Dall Sheep crossing the road, a wolf crossing the road, a fox and several caribou.  There is almost no private vehicle traffic in the park--everybody rides on buses--and animals have the right of way, so sometimes there are bus back-ups.  The weather cleared yesterday and Mt. McKinley was in full view from spots on the road.  We painted on a sand bar of the Teklanika River in the full blast of the wind near where the field camp was located.  More later!