Friday, August 13, 2010

Sable Pass -- NFS

8/13/10 "Sable Pass", 16 x 20, Oil  NFS
This is the second painting I did on the second day of the workshop about 40 miles into Denali Park on Sable Pass--the same area that from the safety of the bus the previous day we'd seen a mama grizzly and her two cubs browsing the berries!  For this painting, I had the opportunity of watching David start a painting--with simple flat shapes that defined the overall design, color and value.  As the plein air tradition in the lower 48 comes more out of the California Impressionists (it seems to me), the images of David's paintings are only now sinking into my brain with the possibility for more abstract design--the type of painting that I have long admired in artists such as the Group of Seven.


  1. Kathyrn, I'm impressed, you might be the only American I know who's heard of the Group of 7. They had a wonderful way of interpreting the landscape.

  2. I did not know David Mollet before I saw your post. Wow. I love the Group of Seven's work and Emily Carr's as well. Thanks for turning me on to David. I'm enjoying your posts of Alaska and your painting experiences there.

  3. I didn't know David Mollet either and going to the workshop was kind of a lucky chance--but I'm so glad I went--to visit my friends, Mary Bee and Seve Kaufman, who I met on a Grand Canyon rafting/painting trip (Steve is a well-known wildlife photographer), to become acquainted with David, and to get into Denali Park for a few days! I'd say quite a few people, in the Northwest at least, are admirers of the Group of Seven.