Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zangle Cove #10

6/10/10 "Zangle Cove #10", 10" x 12", Oil
I am always trying to find new ways to express the moods of the Cove, mostly through color and abstraction.  Sometimes everything about the Cove is misty and ambiguous.  Other times there is great clarity in the air.  Sometimes the water is emerald, other times violet.  This was a violet water day.

Miraculously, I made it into the top 5 on the Daily Painters Contest. I'm still not sure how the voting works--some people say you can vote again in a new round. Thank you for your support and words of encouragement!


  1. Miracle? Nope. You were the best painter from the day 1 when I saw your work. I knew it instantly. Your grip of color key humbles me. Really, I am astounded by how well you capture the colors in a scene that express the true "envelope of light" (Monet) that each color set exist within. And then you don't hide it with meaningless details, but keep the strokes clear and exciting for everyone to see. I guess it depends on your definition of what painting is, but to me, this is it. This is how to paint.

  2. Jeff--thank you. Those are very kind words.

  3. Stunning landscape...the ecomony with which you paint is wonderful. The color is exceptional and love the brushwork!