Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Limited Palette Studies - NFS

6/1/10 Zangle Cove #1, 5" x 7", Oil
Ivory Black and Titanium White
These four small sketches are a response to a limited palette challenge on a network I belong to. I chose a simple subject--the opposite bank of the Cove I live on in the southern part of Puget Sound. When I started with this one, it was overcast and the tide was going out.

6/1/10 Zangle Cove #2, 5" x 7", Oil
Ultramarine Blue, Venetian Red, Titanium White.
I had forgotten how well ultramarine blue harmonizes with venetian red. 

6/1/10 Zangle Cove #3, 5" x 9", Oil
Ultramarine Blue, Cad Yellow Light, Venetian Red and Titanium White.
When I started this sketch, the tide had gone out pretty far, thus the different composition. By this time it was drizzling and I was painting from my big studio window.

6/1/10 "Zangle Cove #4, 5" x 7", Oil
Cad Red Light, Yellow Ochre, Titanium White, Ivory Black
I painted this sketch in the late afternoon when the tide had come back in. This one proved to me again how much I like using ivory black--it is luminous and beautiful greens can be created with different yellows and black.


  1. Beautiful results to an interesting exercise! Love the way it is a record of time passing also, very nice.

  2. Tracy, thank you! Sometimes when I don't have a clear direction, or am feeling tired or without inspiration, these types of exercises are a wonderful antidote.