Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still Life with Orange

6/8/10 "Still Life with Orange", Oil, 12" x 10"
Yesterday I took the day off with one of my daughters to hike up the Carbon River Road on Mt. Rainier.  We use to be able to drive up this road to the campground below the glacier, but the road was washed out in a storm years ago and never repaired.  Now it serves for us as an early summer hiking destination as the alpine meadows at Sunrise and Paradise don't open sometimes until July because of the snow pack.  Anyway, I'd done this painting a few days ago out on the deck when the sun wasn't sure if it would shine for long.


  1. This is great Kathryn! Will you please elaborate a little on the advantages of painting still life outdoors rather than in a studio set-up?

  2. Hi Liz,

    I think its the sort of thing you have to try in order to get the difference between painting a still life outside in natural light and painting it under studio lighting conditions. I do both, because it rains a lot here, but the luminous nature of color and light flows through everything outside. From the stories I've heard about the great colorists Henry Henshe and Sergei Bongart, I would venture to say that painting still life and figure (as well as landscape) out of doors would be considered by them to be basic painting boot camp.