Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yellow Roses Green Apples

3/25/10 "Yellow Roses Green Apples", 16" x 12", Oil 
This painting went through many iterations related to the color/value of the table top and the color/value of the background.  This is the latest one.  If I'd had more daylight, I might have experimented more.  At one point I completely lost contrast between the table top and the background, which is in itself is not a bad thing, but both were too close in value and color to the vase, so it just didn't work.  I also used fake green apples and the color was hard to harmonize.  Have to get some more real apples!  The colors are so much better.


  1. Hi Kathryn,
    I like the way your colors balance, (I guess that would means complement one another). That's funny about the fake apples, "I know they look like this, but I'm painting them that".

  2. Hi Steve--thanks for your comments-its good to have another opinion when I'm not sure about something. Its sometimes a challenge to work between what the color of the object is and what works for the color harmony/structure of the painting. I go back to the idea expressed by Sergei Bongart and Ovanes Berberian that "there is no local color." The color is always relative to the other colors in the painting. So I'm still not sure about those fake green apples! They still look a little garish to me. But sometimes having something that I'm not sure about in one painting is a good reminder for the next one.