Thursday, March 18, 2010

Contemplation - NFS

3/17/10 "Contemplation", 10" x 10", Oil NFS
This is a study of a tilted head.  The amazing thing about painting is that there are so many different things to try and experiment with. I'm also beginning to enjoy using the linen with the less absorbent surface.  This is a #12 Claessens oil primed canvas.


  1. WOW! Hard pose to pull off. Lovely job . The fact that you are beginning to enjoy the surface comes through. I feel the joy through your brushwork.

  2. Thank you Bruce! I feel a special connection to my daughters, so its always a joy to paint them. Last night after looking at this painting again, I pulled out all of my books on drawing the head, because when I try to do something like this, I realize how much I don't know. I think that is how learning best proceeds sometimes--as a process of trying something and then getting excited about really understanding it.