Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Girl with a Yellow Scarf - NFS

3/23/10 "Girl with a Yellow Scarf", 14" x 11", Oil  NFS
I purposely left parts of this painting sketchy because it is more interesting to me.  Because of peripheral vision, the eye does not focus on everything equally.


  1. You´ve outdone yourself here. You´ve joined the ranks of the Russian Impressionists! Just an amazing painting.

  2. Hi Bruce--maybe doing all those block studies last summer and still lifes every day for the last two months helped? I pulled out my old notes and photos from workshops from Carolyn Anderson from a few years ago and tried to remember what I learned. Its odd that what you learn sometimes can't bear fruit until you learn other stuff. Carolyn is an inspiration and what I remember now makes more sense to me--but now I have to practice. I took photos along the way of this painting and posted a video--so you can see how I muddled through!