Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gray Kettle

"Gray Kettle", 14 x 14 In, Oil on Panel
Using a bigger canvas, this painting presented the opportunity for more freedom of the arm and the brush. That is sometimes a relief after working on a very small panel. But there is also a parallel psychological habit of thought--that a bigger panel represents a lot more work. In a way that's true, because I have to account for more canvas space, but sometimes it also feels a lot less restrictive.

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  1. Kathyrn,
    Wonderful painting. Your fundamentals are so good every time! I am looking at your rounded form- I always learn from your blog and enjoy your wonderful pieces.

  2. Beautiful colors and good composition. And as Kathy said, your rounded forms are nicely painted. Well done!

  3. Another great piece. Beautiful colors and composition. Great for this size.

  4. Beautiful grays which highlight your other colors. Nicely done!