Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mt. Moran - SOLD

"Mt. Moran", 14 x 14 In, Oil on Panel
This is the same spot where the mama grizzly and cubs came through. It was strange painting in the cold and partly overcast, stormy skies. Much too windy for an umbrella, I didn't always gauge the light correctly and some of the paintings, when I brought them inside, seemed pretty dark. But I hope you can see something of how beautiful it was. You can probably tell I like to travel--I especially love to drive across the west. Here is a driving song from my daughter, Liz Townsend.


  1. Awesome painting Kathryn! I love Yosemite!

  2. Traveling is a wonderful thing! If you can get over to Ireland, look into Art in the Open, a plein air painting festival in July/August around Wexford, Ireland. Fantastic people, great places, lots of fun!

    Your daughter's music is wonderful!

  3. wow -- this is breathtaking! really... just gorgeous.

  4. Thanks for all your comments! Elaine--I would so love to go to Ireland!